I write stories

And I hope you like to read them. This page features links to recent stories and articles I have written for various publications, both in the running world and elsewhere.


the most inspiring hardrock finish belonged to adam campbell

"Adam pulled on the wrong rock at the wrong time, and it came loose. He was caught off balance, and the rock took him cartwheeling backward over ledges among a chaotic avalanche of dirt and rock. Nick and I watched this take place over a span of time that lasted longer than I would have thought possible..."


 I dropped out of a race on purpose and all i got was an enlightened perspective on wild places and competition

"America, according to literary criticism, has always been defined by its ‘frontier,’ which is a black and white idealogical line between ‘civilized’ and ‘savage.’ In a literary sense, going into the mountains for us represents an engagement with a more pure world, a land of discipline and character and values, where you are expected to respect the landscapes you pass through both physically and almost spiritually too. Indeed..."


Jones, Jurek, and gates: In the land of bogs, sheep, and pubs

I went to Ireland in spring 2016 with Scott Jurek and Rickey Gates and then wrote a story about it in Trail Runner's DIRT issue. This is print, so you'll have to buy yourself a copy. Sorry about that.