Salomon is the undisputed leader of trail running shoes, gear, and apparel, but I'm inspired most by the culture they create. Salomon wants you to play in the mountains, not suffer. They want you to explore, not struggle. The world is full of exciting possibilities for them, and by promoting these values they are promoting an organic vision of a sport that makes all aspects of life better. I'm proud to be part of the Salomon family because they are dedicated making people and community better and stronger through running.


Clif Bar is the classic energy bar in the United States. Founded by Gary Erickson while miserably hungry on a long bike ride 25 years ago, the brand has since grown into one of the most progressive companies in the outdoor industry. They focus on providing healthy, organic food to athletes of all levels, and they have a core of founding principles that expands their focus from simply making profit to benefiting people, planet, community, business, and brands. I'm proud to work with them to foster an inclusive culture of personal and community betterment.

Protect Our Winters is a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness about climate change and its impacts. Founded by snowboarder Jeremy Jones, they work with a "Rider's Alliance" of 50-some athletes who are concerned about environmental problems and who want to use their leverage as athletes to enact real change for good. I joined with them in spring 2017 to try to help out, and they continually inspire me to do what I can to protect the places we all love to play and explore.