Into Patagonia


"Stretching in an unbroken sweep of agitated geology, Patagonia spans a massive area of over a million square kilometres and yet is home to less than two million people. With no clear objective and no set goal, American Alpine Runner, Dakota Jones, journeys to Northern Patagonia to explore the culture and landscape of one of the most romanticised regions in the world. Travelling South along the famed Carretera Austral he discovers a people rich in smiles and a land littered with mountains and glaciers."

The Canyon


"Our love of nature is a common language. Far away from the realities of the chaotic world the wilderness offers us a playground with its own rhythm and order of existence. In search of a bit of natural enlightenment, Rickey Gates and Dakota Jones pack their running shoes (and rafts) and head into the canyons of Nowhere, Utah."

Innominata Ridge


In 2012 Kilian Jornet let me tag along on his scouting run up the Innominata Ridge on Mont Blanc, a week before he went back and set the record. Seb Montaz put together this clip about it