A brief biography

When I was 17 I volunteered at the Hardrock 100 and fell in love with the sport of mountain running. That same year I ran my first ultramarathon and enjoyed the challenge so much that I just kept going. I still run lots of ultramarathons, but now I climb mountains and make videos and write stories and ride bikes too. Although running is my "thing", the guiding passion is much deeper and can be accessed in many ways. This pursuit has given me the opportunity to travel around the world and I continue to seek out the next challenge everywhere I go. I'm coming to understand the difference between happiness and comfort, and I think (hope, dream) that other people feel the same way too sometimes. So I'm going to use this website to tell stories, and with these stories I hope to connect with people around the world, from all walks of life. I'm doing this to communicate, and to understand. I hope that you'll engage with me and tell your stories in return.  

Finally, I don't want to simply be some walking repository of experience. I want to understand my impact on the world and how I can mitigate and improve it. The environmental issues we face today are formidable, but there's no point in going forward without hope. I believe that through honest self-assessment and broad teamwork, we have the capabilities to create a sustainable future for our children and the generations after them. This will be painful, but it has the potential to be incredibly inspiring too, and I'm excited to see what we can accomplish together. So I'm going to try to tell stories, but I also want to learn how to turn lessons into real action and environmental progress. I need your help for this. 

Thanks for visiting. I hope you like what you see. Stay in touch.


Photo credit: Dean Leslie

Photo credit: Dean Leslie